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About Us

Nick & Kayla Friends and Owners of Cottage Blue Home

We're Nick and Kayla— the owners, makers and friends behind Cottage Blue Home.

We come by our love for home decor and hand-crafted treasures naturally, learning design and finishing skills from Kayla’s mother who runs her own furniture and gift shop. Using these skills, we started our own business (now based in Ottawa, ON) with the goal of creating unique, reclaimed home decor.

Each piece by Cottage Blue Home incorporates at least one reclaimed element into its design— we are committed to reducing waste and ensuring that we continue to value and cherish antiques and architectural salvage that were handcrafted long ago. Each piece has a history, and a story behind it!

You can find Cottage Blue Home products online, at various events in Ottawa, ON and the surrounding area, and at several stores that stock CBH.